Insider Tips on Selecting the Best Fins

You need the best snorkel fins and dive fins available out there.

Always remember, there is a relation between how much energy and oxygen, and air you use, more so for people who are just starting off who have to conserve air.

Those who are experienced know how to do this efficiently. Also, you must always focus on comfort and fit when buying fins.

What to Keep In Mind When Buying Your Fin

There are all types of fins available out there. While buying, consider your kicking style, leg power, ability, your experience, and the use. The fins shouldn’t be too long or short. As a rule, your fin should be stiffer and longer if you have strong legs. But, fins where the middle portion is flexible and the sides are rigid can usually give more thrust power and that too with less effort.

The best fins out there include blade and foot pocket materials, such as polymers, graphite, and carbon fiber to maximize the energy transfer from your leg to the fin. A lot of science and high-end designing goes into the making of these fins.

A Test for the Fin

Here’s a test you can do…

When you turn the fin upside down, holding the tip with your fingers, and bending it at 90 degrees, you should face problems in maintaining the position. The fin won’t give you adequate power if the blade flexes easily. On the other hand, the blade will be too powerful if it cannot be maintained at 90 degrees and is too stiff. You will then have problems in using it. But remember, you cannot do this test for a split fin blade.

Open Heel vs. Full Foot

Foot pockets come in two main styles. They are full foot and open heel. There are many different blade options in them both.

Open heel fins usually cost more. Full foot fins are also less bulky and easier to wear. But these fins can cause blisters and friction if the fitting is not perfect. You must always go for fit when buying full foot fins. Don’t purchase wet suit socks to get the right fit for these fins or buy the fins where your toes are feeling cramped because they are available at a discount. It is always better to spend a bit more but have something that is of better quality and one that fits perfectly.